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What the hell are we about?

Updated: May 9, 2021

Welcome, muthaf*#<ers!

“How does a train and hippos factor into a town name...”

Welcome friends, allies, haters, and players - you've joined an amazing group of friends and family that love true crime. Yes, it's another fucking true crime podcast by two white bitches.

What the eff is this about?

We love true crime, been kind-of a thing of us since we were little then we met each other. We thought why not change up our routines and talk about true crime, but not just any true crimes, the ones involving family. And that's where Amanda came up with the name, the truly heinous crimes are the ones involving family and the c-bomb that fits them. (#truecrime #podcast).

We welcome you to our lives, our show, and are so looking forward to creating more each week. We hope you enjoy and we'll Cee U Next Tuesday~

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