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Letters from Inside - First One Ever

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We received our first letter back from one of our murderesses!

We cannot believe it but we got our first #letter from one of our moms after writing to her, Tina Marie Cornelius. Here is her letter transcribed below as accurately as we could make it.

"Dear Amanda & Jessica...

Before I begin replying to the nature of your missive to me want you to know that God has given me great peace about whether I ought to respond to the both of you.

May I be honest with you? No pretension? Who are you is My Biggest Question?

Next, may I ask about what agency do you work for? What is your purpose?

After 22 heartretching years - waking up daily - every breathing moment living in this nightmare that I cannot wake up out of - you have to understand the pain that surfaces every time I re look into the mirror causes?

MAY 24th 2021 905058

Ironically - not sure if you are aware - I've been trying to find missing pieces to this puzzle -

I've been praying to God for an open door - an open ear and here you two appeared after a double rainbow - after God's still small voice sounding in my ear - "keep your eyes on Me & I will direct Your Path."

Not sure how this would work - so I'm in unknown territory - not entirely - for the most part - yes -.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Sincerely -

Tina Marie"

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Did you ever follow up or get more responses?

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