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Episode 64 - Born or bred?

Lotta interesting questions about this killer

Today's Cuntlet is Nickalas Kedrowitz, a child killer who was well on his way to completing the McDonald Triad by a very young age. Now, knowing this, who is to blame here for the death's at his hands: Nickalas? His mother? It really raises a lot of questions about are killers born, bred, or both?

Jordan Reeves is our newly adopted Treasure Child who has a limb difference. She is not only spreading awareness, she is also an engineer and made herself her own glitter-blasting arm. You can help her in her quest to spread awareness through her site Born Just

We love being able to put out new and interesting content weekly and really appreciate you all for listening! ~ Cee U Next Tuesday


Nickalas Kedrowitz

Jordan Reeves

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