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Episode 53 - Not funny

But this guy thinks he's a riot...

We head into another infamous killer today with the Happy Face Killer, Keith Jesperson. He became known this way after he wrote letters to the cops and signed them with a happy face. What a douche. If you or anyone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please call 800.799.SAFE (7233) or visit the website linked here and below. We love y'all!

Our Trophy Dad this week transcends time and was an early anti-slavery advocate which was uncommon at the time, James Mott. He and his wife not only stood against slavery but also for women's rights, at a time when white people weren't doing any of these things. Learn more about this incredible figure from our history on this episode.

We hope to see you all at the True Crime Podcast Festival on August 26-28th in Dallas, TX. We love y'all Cunties! ~ Cee U Next Tuesday


Keith Jesperson

James Mott

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