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Episode 43 - Under your noses

I mean, he was right there

Today we talk about a tough case, Mikhail Popkov. This Russian police officer abused his power to murder women and wasn't caught for years...why? We dive into it a little bit on our latest episode.

Our Trophy Dad, John Holter, is someone you may never meet but he has touched lives around you each day. Find out how he saved so many people's lives on this episode.

We hope you're enjoying our latest episodes and exclusive Patreon series covering movies. We love putting out a show each week for you, Cunties! Thank you for supporting us and listening. ~ Cee U Next Tuesday


Mikhail Popkov 2021 Medium article by Nithila CBS News SKDB Fandom Siberian Times By Anna Liesowska 08 April 2015 Mikhail Popkov Wiki Murderpedia Serial Killers podcast: "The Werewolf" Mikhail Popkov

John Holter

Tampa Bay Times By CAROL GENTRY Published Feb. 9, 1993

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