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Episode 37 - It takes two...

And not just in terms of people.

Sometimes they get 2 names too...The story of Michael Bear Carson and his partner Suzan interesting one. From their new names, to their crimes spree, to their beliefs. Movies aren't written this well. At least his daughter, Jennifer gives us some insight into what happened here and became a counselor herself because of this. Jenn's crisis hotline is on the website here United Way crisis hotline Dial 2-1-1, call 1-904-632-0600 or text "Hello" to 211904, suicide hotline number here 800-273-8255, and Stand-in families TikTok page here The Zombie Dan stand-in families.

The Trophy Dad this week is our fave German Dad, Nils Pickert. This dad is supporting his son by being there for him no matter what choices he makes in life, and we we think that is super cool.

~ Cee U Next Tuesday

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