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Episode 2 - The Phantom Illness

Updated: May 30, 2021

We get in it this episode...

We talk about Andrea Yates' #crimes and the system that failed her completely. Truly a fucked up situation for all involved. There's a lotta meat on these bones of an episode. What does this have to do with Jesus and a possible #cult? Also, we delve into #mentalhealth, truly a phantom illness that is still stigmatized.

Our good mom today is one who literally needs no introduction, the one and only Beyonce. She makes us all feel better with her inspiring music and life and what a champion of a mom. May we all aspire to be like #Beyonce in our daily lives and live as fabulously.

Stay tuned, more murderers...muderesses? coming your way.

~Cee U Next Tuesday

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