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Episode 1 - All about Hippos

Updated: May 30, 2021

Our premier episode with a lot of useless facts...

On today's first fucking episode #firstpodcastepisode, we talk about Tina Marie Cornelius and her alleged murders #truecrime of her two children, 3-year-old Amanda Lee Miller and 2- year-old Dominic Logan Cornelius who were found in April 1999. Crazy times with crazy people with a direct connection to Amanda's time at the BLP (#IYKYK).

We also highlight an amazing mom, a one Kelly Clarkson (#fuckyeah) who not only does the right thing for her children #amazingmom but also supports quite a few charities, check them out on this sketch site here and follow her website here for more updates

Thanks for joining us on our podcast journey and we'll Cee U Next Tuesday!

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